What is Guerrilla?


When we launched InterProd,  in 2004, we wanted to build a unique experience for our students. We wanted to give them something unprecedented in the teaching of high-school speech and interpretation. We knew that our experience needed to stress not only competition technique—but also to immerse students in outside theatrical and oratorical practices.

But how? Over the years, our coaches and teachers had found that students of interpretation and oration spent way too much time confronting their events’ restrictions and rules. In other words, they became experts in what they couldn’t do, stifling their creativity. We simply wanted to find a way to celebrate imagination and possibility.  Our goal: to let students break the rules—so they could learn to thrive within them.  This marked the birth of InterProd’s signature Guerrilla Interp.


Guerrilla Interp–which every interper and orator performs at the end of our sessions–is raw. It’s creative. It is the only time as a speech competitor that you will perform without any rules.  Its only limitations are those that you impose on yourself. Guerrilla Interp is just one of the many innovations that distinguish InterProd from other speech camps. You will not merely churn out a boilerplate performance or oration that you will repeat, ad nauseum, for the year. Instead, you will be challenged to explode your every conception of your event.  InterProd students let their imaginations run wild and create a performance that exists on its own. It lives outside the confines of competitive speech and can approach a level of artistic achievement seldom seen at speech tournaments.

Even the Guerrilla stage is subversive.   Students of interpretation will perform outdoors in Boston Gardens and in the Simpson Gardens.   Each student selects a site that uses the natural environment as a set and random citizens as an audience.  Trees become houses, benches morph into beds, and fountains are reimagined as lakes.  The interpers expand their performance far beyond themselves—casting it as a full-fledged production with other students playing smaller roles.  Passersby often get in on the action. Students will also use music, props, multimedia, and costumes to make this performance as vivid as possible.  Original orators do the same, overtaking a massive indoor venue that allows them to use various media in their performance.  Music, sound bites, video, and live performers are only a few of their unusual tools.


We believe that after two weeks of hard work, your final showcase should offer something that rewards and demonstrates your talents and potential. Over the past decade, we have found that the risks taken in Guerrilla Interp inspire students throughout the year—and beyond. Performing without a net of rules, you will gain the confidence to master the challenges of any tournament or creative endeavor.

This event is a culmination of our Interprod philosophy. We specialize in developing artists. We train theatrical practitioners and orators who excel not only in forensic competition but in crafting and staging a show or persuasive message. You will do this by learning to think—and rethink—for yourself. You will learn the power of choice that true artistry provides. And, in the process, you’ll have a hell of a lot of fun.