Interprod is a one of a kind institute for all interpretation and speech event.  Founded in 2004, we have over a decade of experience in providing quality instruction to students motivated to excel in speech competitions locally, regionally and nationally.  

The InterProd philosophy intertwines performance theories with the interpretive style.  We combined a multi level curriculum with truly a unique approach.  We put an emphasis on the entire production, not just singular elements.  We help students empower themselves.

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InterProd is short for Interpretive Productions. We believe that every student is creating a production.  They do not “do a piece”.  They do not “do speech”.  They create interpretive productions.

Our hope is that the students we work with will share their knowledge.  We want them to share it with teammates, friends, the community at large.  This creates the ripple effect.  The ripple effect is the catalyst of change and progress.

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The InterProd model throws out the door the concept of “labs”.  A lab is a group of 6-11 students who all work with a few coaches.  Usually one senior staff member and one or two junior (college student) staff member work with that group.  Traditionally, students do not get to work with other coaches.

We break up groups by “stages” or lecture groups.  Within a stage, coaches will work with many students.  This way the student benefits from the ideas of many coaches, not just one or two.

Our curriculum is radically different than most.  The combination of theatrical theory and play production with interpretive principals has proven to be a very successful approach.  The group who designed this approach are all experienced with speech and theatre and took their decades of experience to come up with an original approach that has been refined since the beginning of InterProd.

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Our page explains it in greater detail but basically it is the final performances of InterProd.  Or rather, it is the opening night for all of our productions!  We select outdoor sites and our students add costumes, music, actors, the sky is the limit.  This exercise is to help the student see possibilities and not focus on rules and restrictions.  The creative process should be one of endless possibilities.